Sights of Madeira: finding the unexpected nordic forest

Sometimes you find the unexpected. I would never dream that in a place where the weather is often considered tropical, so much that all kind of exotic flowers and fruits grow (there are bananas growing everywhere) I would find the kind of forest that, in my head, could only exist in the most northern part of the northern hemisphere.

This is my favourite kind of forest, the storybook kind. Where the red hood found the wolf pretending to be her grandma, where Hansel & Gretel got lost, where the white snow found the dwarfs’ little house or Bella discovered the way into the monster’s castle.

But I didn’t know you can also be emerged in this kind of vegetation in the interior of the island of Madeira, where you’re away above sea level and the temperature is 10 degrees lower in comparison to the coast. It was always humid, raining, but it was so beautiful. I wouldn’t want it another way.

Madeira is definitely very unique. In such a tiny space you experience so much. And most fantastic part is that those experiences are so different from on another. You could have been roasting in a beach and, just half hour later, be freezing cold inside these beautiful nordic forests in the interior of the island! How cool is that…

These are some of my favourite photos from the trip. I was almost as if we had entered a new fantasy world, where magic exists, where at any moment, some dwarfs and fairies would jump out from behind a stone or a tree. Don’t you agree?

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Love, Nic

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