Sights of Portugal: the bridges of Porto

We all know the purposes of bridges. Bridges are there to ensure we’re able to cross to places – whether to make it possible or to make it quicker. But is that just what bridges really are for?

In some places, bridges make the view. They are the attraction or they add value to it. Often they are the places people get the best views. Other times they serve a recreational purpose. What bridges can be as well is true works of art, an architectural masterpiece. They can represent an era, a style. They can be a symbol or tell a story.

Bridges can be also places of sadness. Where accidents happen and people die. Where people decide to go to end their own lives.

But in Porto, bridges are mostly a sign of beauty, of happiness. People take boat tours to see the six bridges. And if you search for Porto, the most common photograph you’ll find shows the Bridge of Dom Luis I. A bridge that serves a lot more than the practical purpose of crossing.

D. Luis bridge is a symbol of the city. A place hundreds of inhabitants cross by car, by foot and by train. A place tourists cross by foot to admire the sights. A place other more temerants use for diving in the river during summer. And, from the pier, observants like myself are given a beautiful view for sore eyes. Could I imagine Porto without this bridge? Definitely not.

Love, Nic

More about Porto here.

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