Sights of Portugal: Countess Edla’s Chalet in Sintra

We were admiring the interiors of Pena Palace when a really nice lady from the staff monitoring and safeguarding the tours told us our tickets also included a visit to the Chalet that was built specifically for Edla, the second wife of king Ferdinand II. We weren’t aware of such fact. She said “it’s just 20 min walk from here”. And maybe it was. Except that we got lost and ended up doing a bit more than that. And that was fine because the walk through the magnificent forest is definitely worth it.

But then, when you think we’ve seen it all, you find the little oasis that this place really is. I can understand why she would like it.

Part of the chalet was once destroyed in a fire, but it’s now been restored and open for visits. In comparison to the palace, is an humble place for a countess to live on. But imagine having all that nature around you for you to hide from society and live a peaceful life thriving on your multiple artistic endeavours. Afterall, Edla was an actress and a singer.

The house is inspired in the famous Swiss chalets where Edla was originally from. Here she also dedicated herself to sculpture, ceramics and botanics – all interests shared by King Ferdinand II.

Put this on your list for when you have a chance to visit Sintra 🙂



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