Plants by the sea

Lately, I have been paying more attention to my surroundings. Going for walks in places already familiar after being away for a long time, has given those places a different mystery. It’s like I’m re-reading a book with a different age. Having lived and experienced more. You always find little details you didn’t see before. The nuances that somehow make all the difference.

On this particularly grey afternoon a couple weeks ago, I noticed the flora that grows and blossoms by the ocean. Having such beautiful views, their growth affected by the often aggressive caress of the sea breeze. As if codenmend to live envying the sea, and yet never ready to go to far away from the roots that keep them bound to the soil.

So overlooked, but so strong. For the first time I noticed the patterns of these little children of nature and how sadly pretty they looked with the grey sky and the bluish ocean in its background.



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