Roads to nowhere

Lately life seems exactly like this picture. We’re on a road driving us to the unknown. the path isn’t mapped. There are no GPS for this. All the control we used to have over our lives is gone. At any day, things can change. Doesn’t really matter the speed you’re going, the turns you take. It’s impossible to know which one leads where and, mostly, whether that was the best choice.

Never in my life I’ve felt such uncertainty over my future. I went through the uncertainty of choosing which degree to take in University, and then the uncertainty that my future was right after graduating. I faced the uncertainty of what it was to move to London, not knowing exactly where that would lead my life to. And often, deliberately, I’ve chosen the uncertainty of the unknown – when travelling alone to strange places. Even when I moved to London. But somehow, that was a choice taken knowing the many results. Knowing what to do in case of any outcome.

But what I never had experienced being forced to take a path having no idea of its outcome. Not being able to actually make choices because you can’t forecast its result. This pandemic has made my life so different and so impossible to plan at a point that I’m not even sure if the way I was living my life before was the right way or, even, the best for me. It has changed my beliefs in so many different ways in such a short period of time that I feel almost shaken, taken aback.

How many of you are facing the same, right now?



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