With this situation, most of us have felt for the first time what it is to have our freedom taken away. I’ve been lucky enough that I didn’t have to live during war times or under a dictatorship. Born and raised in democratic countries, educated to believe in freedom of movement within Europe, spoiled with the fact that I could study, work and live across borders.

So yes, it is hard to suddenly see that liberty taken away from me, and how I undervalued it. If I’ve always had felt privileged when travelling but I had never realised how lucky I was I could leave the house to go whatever I wanted without any kind of constraints.

The COVID-19 changed that reality and with the State of Emergency in place, lockdowns commanded, one even feels bad to break the rules fearing to be putting someone else’s life in danger.

Essential travel only. But what if we are in the middle of mental breakdown? Would you consider a small trip to the beach, just to see that huge mass of blue water, just to feel calm and in control again, an essential trip? Especially if you barely leave the car, if you go at the end of a day, when the weather doesn’t even look great and there are barely any people around?

So we did that the other day. A quick 20 minutes drive, and we were by the extensive Atlantic. It was good to see it was still there. That at least something is constant. Constants are needed in life, even when you thrive for change. Even when it is so hard for you to stay grounded.

Just to keep hearing in my head one of my favourite Austen quotes

What are men to rock and mountains?

Good to remind ourselves of how small this whole thing is in the big picture of Nature. That these rocks, these oceans, these sands have been around for much longer than we have. That generations of humans have lived and died, and these things remained. Not caring, giving even a sign that even the world wars had affected them. How unfair it may seem to us. And yet, how unfair, ungrateful and disrespectful is the Humanity towards them.



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