Mr. Spring, the painter – part II

I had forgotten how Spring was in Portugal. They have a saying here that would quite literally translate into April, a thousand waters. Which sounds quite odd, but it means to say that it rains a lot in April. And that was exactly how this April was.

So Mr. Spring has a borderline personality disorder. But perhaps it’s also a bit shy, an introvert. And that is all right, as long as its brushes continue to stroke us with some colour.

Tomorrow I was supposed to be flying to Japan. A dream of a lifetime, a trip I had been expecting for ages. Spoiler alert, not going to happen. I was dreaming day and night about the photographs I would take of busy Tokyo streets, discovering the temples, trying all the delicacies, riding a bullet train for the first time. Seeing how Mr. Spring works out there, in the far East.

I will have my vengeance, of course. Once this is over, I’ll be back in force. Perhaps will do even a bigger trip to Japan. Will enjoy it even more, because if I was feeling privileged before while I travelled, I had never yet felt what it was to had freedom taken away from me. And, oh boy, I was not meant to live in a cage. Not even a golden one.

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