The unbearable weight of being human

It’s important to remember . When an invisible, such microscopically small thing such as a virus is able to stop the world, to put everyone in quarantine, to threaten to ruin the economy, throwing millions into misery. It’s time to remember how small we actually are. How insignificant our daily worries that take so much space of our lives don’t really matter that much.

I reflect a lot these days, being this my 24th day of isolation. I do spend as well hours looking into space, trying not to think. Trying to find the energy that pulls me out of darkness. My playlists varies from lively Vivaldi to sad Debussy. At time, I move from All you need is Love to Yesterday. My days are spent in an imbalance of moods I had never lived before, not even in my teenage years.

Bottom line is it’s difficult to take care of your mental health when deep down you keep believing you’re not allowed to feel bad when there are so many people in way worse situations than you. When your problems are 1st world. I spend about 80% of my time blaming myself for simply being human.

And how many of us out there are doing the same? Just know, you’re not alone.

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