The Birth of Spring – Part I

I’m more of a Fall person, to be completely honest. But I do confess there is a certain pleasure in seeing the circle of life with my own eyes. One of the things I love about Britain is how pronounced each season is. With Spring, comes the promise of new life, a fresh start. The sunlight finally touches our skin. But of course, it’s difficult to think positive when we are living in the current situation.

Spring never felt so much like La Primavera of Botticelli. I’ve always admired this work of his, precisely because I find it so intriguing. It’s the realm of Venus, it represents fertility, new life, Spring. But at the same time, there is a darkness underneath it. It’s enigmatic. And that’s exactly how spring looks right now.

I’ve been in self-isolation for over a week now. I’m very grateful I can work from home, but it is still harsh. I live in a room, in London with no friends or family. To go anywhere, I need to take public transport. So this means my social interactions are limited to phone calls and my movements outside the flat is only to where I can walk to. Luckily, I do have beautiful parks to get to and witness spring springing and feeling a tad optimistic.



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