A quick visit to Dublin

I have realised I haven’t posted much since the start of the year. Well, it’s been busy in my professional life, and not so much on the travelling side of things. I did go to Dublin briefly – for work. And perhaps that’s what I can talk about now. A little bit of work really… a little bit of what it means to work in a fast-paced environment such as digital marketing is, everyone expecting you to deliver results and fast, patience is non-existent as well and you are indeed expected to work 24-7.

Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed and, even easier, to fall into the mistake of forgetting that neither we our our team members are robots with the sole purpose of making numbers work. I went to Dublin for a fantastic event held by Microsoft where they reminded us not of the principle to make money, but the principles of making people thrive.

And technology and artificial intelligence isn’t something we should fear, but alas embrace as part of what is making us to go back to being humans. Can you imagine if most of the time we spent now looking at spreadsheets could be used looking at the unique talent of each unique element of our team? If instead of constantly looking to hire people who are good with numbers, we could look after other qualities AI cannot compete with us in yet? Different talents also account for diversity. But for this diversity to be fruitful, we need to make sure there is room within the organisation to be inclusive.

The event finished with dinner and drinks at this beautiful venue at The Westin Dublin. I couldn’t stop gazing around me, not believing I was having dinner in a true ballroom, the kind I usually visit in my travels but never dine in. But I came back to London thinking that is time to go back to being human and think about people. Not numbers.

Hope you can relate to at least something of this – I work in digital marketing, but I’m sure the same levels of workload are demanded in so many other industries.



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