2019 – the year I completed 25 countries visited

I wanted to finish the year in a positive note. 2019 was a challenging one, personally, I’ve driven through very dark roads. But on the bright side, I’ve achieved things that made me proud of myself and made me believe that I can do everything I’ve set my mind to.

For instance, my long standing obsession with Mexico. Lacking company, I decided to go alone. I was called a mad person. As a woman, especially, it was so dangerous to go solo to Mexico. I did my research, read other articles by inspiring women solo travellers. Booked my ticket and went on what would be one of the best trips of my life so far. Explored the second largest coral reef. Tasted delicious food. Experienced authentic culture. Felt like Indiana Jones exploring Mayan ruins.

But let’s not forget my first encounter with real poverty in Morocco. Perhaps it could be strange to call it a highlight of the year. It made me a better person. Often I think about it. The feeling I had. How strange it is to live with so little, so ignorant of the outside world, and yet feel happiness perhaps more often that I do.

I also went to Scotland once more. Felt little and was humbled by the force of Nature.

Found myself in Rome at the end of September, disappointed by the tourist trap – literally speaking – that the Vatican Museum is. But thankfully for me the best of the city were it’s old, narrow streets in the old town, where I found myself alone, free to explore, without the breath of other tourists on my neck.

Romania was such a wonderful surprise. The nicest people, the beautiful and gothic Sinaia, the cold breeze of Brasovs old town, the falling little Paris of Bucharest. Visit Romania. Not just because of some scary Dracula legends, but because of its natural beauty.

So… despite everything, thank you 2019. I hope I can continue to explore the world in 2020.

And happy new year to you all!



6 thoughts on “2019 – the year I completed 25 countries visited

    1. No, I didn’t count that 🙂 These are 25 unique countries I have been in – it does include countries I’ve lived in and I’m lucky to have gone back to some of my favs more than twice!


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