What I wanted in Brașov

I didn’t want to leave Brașov. That small adorable town, protected by mountain slopes, where colorful pastel buildings in art nouveau style decorated the streets. Where a sweet smell transpired in the evening as the street vendors distributed warm chimney cakes. Where there was an aspiration to be in the past, and yet to live in the present. I left knowing Brașov was much more than what I had seen, and yet I couldn’t stay longer.

I left knowing that I had seen Brașov as a one-night stay when it should have been a longer commitment.

It was cold, I’m not going to lie. I am hoping my photos tell exactly that. Some snow leftovers at the top of the hills. The grey sky, with no sun to warm us small humans. The fog and the haze. And yet, there was so much I suddenly wanted from this little romanian town, this place somewhere in Europe, where so much seem to be happening at such a different pace.

I wanted to sit inside the cafes and watch people passing by without a worry on my mind, or hurry on my watch. I wanted to savor the good food each restaurant menu promised without worrying about calories. I wanted to stay there until the cold weather becomes colder, so cold it snows, covering the pine trees of the hills I could see at the distance. I wanted to talk to the inhabitants who always were so kind and nice to me.

I wanted to be in Brașov at least one day more, to be able to visit the inside of the Black Church, closed on that day. I wanted to have participated in a walking tour, learning the history of how such a small place seemingly in the middle of nowhere became Brasov. I wanted to understand. But mostly I wanted to be able to live in a place like that.

I desired hard, very hard, to be the kind of person who would be content in such a place. Content not only for a few days – but for a lifetime. Because there nothing else seemed as important as the simple things of the breathing phase of our lives. 

I left Brașov knowing I wanted to go back.



P.S. While in Brașov I visited Bran and its famous castle. Check it out here.

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