Looking at the sky and seeing it

How many times do we forget to see? It’s easy to look. Many times we’re given the advice to look around, to look at, to look for. So many looks, and yet how many of these actually see?

We are too busy looking forwards or looking back. Look into the past and perave in the mistakes we have maken, episodes that hurt us, people who we’ve met. We look forwards planning our lives, looking to achieve things, looking for some sort of ultimate goal people call happiness, whether you believe it or not. Mostly, all this looking back and forwards become the only way we look at ourselves. The ways we define ourselves. We use “I”, “me”, “myself”, “my”, “mine”.

How many times do we stop, look around, and simply see? How many times do we take time off from ourselves, from our past and our future? How many times we simply forget to look at the present, looking around us and truly see what is surrounding us?

When was the last time you looked at the sky and actually saw it?

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