Castles up north – Eilean Castle

The most beautiful thing about castles isn’t normally its architecture, the interiors or its details. Castles are usually built in strategic points and their primary goal was typical defense. So what is that makes it so exciting to visit castles, that goes beyond historical significance?

There must be a lot of different opinions out there on this point. My personal view is that it is the location of castles that makes them so special for a 21st century visitors. Precisely because of their defense role, castles are usually on top of hills, offering the most amazing views, by lakes, rivers or oceans, with the best background setting or, as it is the case with Eilean, surrounded by water in an island.

If I were a queen looking to build a new castle for the purpose of defense I would want to be on ay of these places. On top of a hill, you have a privileged position of attack but also to detect your invaders even when they are miles aways. By the water, it is ideal if you feel your invaders will potentially come through a river, or a lake, and it is also greta if you need to escape. I am not sure if I would choose an Island myself, afraid of being trapped. But it can also mean you’re in advantage if your surrounded by waters difficult to navigate, making it harder for any enemies to reach you on foot.

Myself, I would definitely choose my castle to be built on top of a hill. But here’s the thing – If I was offered the prospect of building it in this little island is Loch Duich, I would be extremely hard for me to say no. It is the most beautiful setting for a royal castle to be built. Eventually someone did. The result is a picturesque scene from a child’s book.



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