The art of San Cristóbal de las Casas

It’s been hard for me to sit down and go through all my photos from Mexico, write about what I visited, seen, explored and experienced. There is still so much content I want to continue to share. But let’s just say coming back from this trip wasn’t a treat. I just enjoy travelling probably a bit too much, and having to come back to “real life”…. let’s just just say it’s been difficult to keep my moods up. But I have been trying really hard, so I’m hoping I’ll be posting a bit more in the next few days.

Here I just wanted to share some pics of San Cristóbal’s street art. I recommend you read my previous article on this amazing town – and please do comment below and share your views on either my content or your own experience of Mexico.

What impressed me the most about San Cristobal was how open it was to progress. To new ways of artistic expression. How instead of outsiders, different minds, and young talent being perceived as threat to tradition and old ways, was instead incorporated as a way to express it and communicate it to the outside world in a new way.

The city is an open air museum – walk through the streets and you’ll be in contact with a pure mexican atmosphere, alongside fantastic, truly inspiring street art. I wanted photograph every single corner of this town, but I kinda also wanted to understand when did this all started. And of course the answer to this question was so obvious I felt dumb I didn’t see it – when it all started? Well, since the very beginning of times. Arts and crafts are an essential part of indigenous cultural traditions. It has always been there – it is just so human! Isn’t it? In my view, the ability to produce art, no matter what kind, has always been the only natural thing that has distinguished us from other animal species.

Do you agree with me? Do you also see arts has an essential part of who are as humans?

With Love


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