Diego Riviera’s Murals in the National Palace of Mexico City

Here’s a great place to visit for free in Mexico City. And why? Because this is the one place where you can admire some of Diego’s Riviera greatest work – his murals in the Palacio Real tell the story of a culture, of a country and of humanity. The palace sits right in the Zocalo, in the exact same place were Aztecs ruled from – and as you could guess, if you read any of my previous articles, the palace was built using the stone from the Aztecs temples that used to sit on those same places.

In some way, I felt Riviera’s murals honoured the past of the country, the indigenous people greatness and their great suffering when conquered and enslaved by the Spanish. But also how ugly everything got since then. The detailed murals tell you that story and you’ll find yourself standing for long periods of time discovering all the details, nuances and hidden messages on them.

As I said, the entrance to the palace is free, but make sure you bring a photo ID with you. They will request that at the entrance and you’ll only get it back after coming out, which did leave me a little uncomfortable, but I didn’t have any choice – I did not use my passport for this, just my national official ID. Anyway, if art is your thing and you have a real interest in the history of Mexican people and country, you won’t want to miss the National Palace when visiting Mexico City!



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