Tangier, the 7th (short) stop

We stayed for about a day in Tangier. Arrived before lunchtime, having sunshine to welcome us, and departed when it was already pitch dark to Marrakech, on an overnight train.

We weren’t going to be there for long, but I was told it was probably enough and my first impression told me the same. The town by the marina isn’t inviting. Men dominate the few restaurants. You can see that is a place of passage. So, the people who stay and are not going anywhere look suspicious, lost, like they don’t belong. And probably they don’t. And, despite all of that, Tangier was one of my favourite stops in this trip. For many reasons… but starting with the sea.

Close to Spain, just a ferry ride. And from there you can go to the point where the the Atlantic ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. Oh and it such a pleasure to me to find such blue. To admire it, absorb it, appreciate it. I wanted to take some of it with me. I wanted at some point to merge with it. Just disappear into that blue and pretend I was just another drop of salty water, of which so many depend on. Oh that blue. Amazing blue.

From there we visited the Caves of Hercules, a complex of natural underground tunnels with an exit to sea said to be shaped like the continent of Africa (I think it takes some imagination skills to get there though). The sea here is strong and tameless, its waves furiously fustigating the rocks in the coast. The winds were also strong and my hair took its own life. On the way back to the city of Tangier we stopped at some places to see camels and where you can go for a camel ride by the beach if it’s something you fancy.

When back in the city, my friend and I adventured ourselves though its inner streets just to be marvelled by an amazing, not so crowded medina, where I bought my moroccan souvenirs at the cheapest prices. Amazing, spectacular shops of antiques left me breathless, wishing I had a house to fill with such treasure. Without the constraints of being with a tour guide or even to have to swim through the crowds.

Before heading to the train station we had dinner at a small restaurant – a paella that only cost us the equivalent to €2.50 – yes, dirty cheap. I was even afraid that would make me sick, and I would have to face it while on an overnight train. But i was as healthy as always and, in at the end of the day, I did enjoy Tangier.

Love, Nic

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