Visiting a Pottery in Fez – a gallery

There are some things that are just photogenic, and the beautiful ceramics of Fez are definitely one of these things. You really don’t need to try hard to get beautiful pictures. But when you look at these photos I want you to know that this is only a result of hard, strenuous, detailed work. I automatically became an admirer of the artisans who spend their working hours putting together tiny little pieces of pottery to create the amazing visual effects of the typical moroccan fountains, and from behind! Or the painters who need to keep their hand steady so not to go out of the line.

I had the pleasure to visit one of these places in the outskirts of the city. I observed in awe, took these pictures but only bought a small little cup of coffee – everything here is a lot more expensive and there’s no room to negotiate. I would feel ashamed of doing it, if I’m being honest. This is all handmade and the time and patience they put into it seemed priceless to me. My wallet just can’t afford everything!

Love, Nic

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