The Golden Doors of the Royal Palace of Fez

Morocco is a country of contrasts, with a very unequal distribution of wealth amongst its people. The king of Morocco owns everything and his face is present in every single public establishment – from train stations, restaurants to the simple small stalls in the street selling orange juice. It is a legal obligation – meaning it’s compulsory by law. This same guy is very good friends with Donald Trump. And I won’t say more.

The contrasts come from the extremes – while a very small number of families are extremely, eccentrically wealthy, the vast majority of the population live in extreme poverty. And when travelling to Morocco this is something that stands out immensely and that you’ll feel in your skin. While in Europe most palaces, even the ones still in use, open their doors to the public, this is not always the case in Morocco, and definitely not in the Royal Palace of Fez. Despite occupying 80 hectares of land, you’ll have to stay outside the door. Or in this specific situation at the palace gates. Massive embellished brass golden doors. You can just imagine how majestic and impressive it must be inside – but well, you’re no royalty, so shut up, observe quietly, and go home.

But the gold of those doors wasn’t the only thing impressing me. What about the intricate woodwork, the beautiful colorful tiles. It is a treat for the eyes.

Love, Nic

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