At ease by the water in London

It doesn’t matter how your life goes, how much in distress and melancholy you can be, there is a place where you’ll always feel at ease. By the water.

January is a tough month. you’re hungover from the holidays, there is nothing to look forward to in the month, and it simply feels so long. Plus here in the Northern hemisphere, it’s freezing cold, days are dark, and I always get ill and feel physically weak.

I had to take a day off this month and, for the first time, instead of taking advantage of a long weekend to visit some city abroad, I stayed in London. A lot of factors weighted on that decision: anywhere near for a small weekend break is as or even more cold than London. Secondly, the imminence of snow will definitely cause horrendous flights delays, if not even cancellations. And thirdly, I’m kind of broke this month…and need to save for the BIG adventures awaiting for me this year!

So, why not stay in London and do my favourite London things? That includes visiting some galleries and, if the weather complies, go for a long walk in the park. Preferably by a lake. So Hyde Park here I go.

It was lovely. It wasn’t too cold, and there were this heavy clouds threating rain but still letting our friend sun come in. I felt at ease… which was exactly what I needed after a crazy week, not just at work. As I said, I have big plans for this year in terms of travelling, and I haven’t been able to sleep properly with excitement (note to self: probably stop planning trips before going to be on a weekday. No need to excite my nerves).

The quietness surrounding the lakes reminded me life is simple. Just give a deep breath and live on as you wish to. Which is pretty much the fantastic thing I get when I travel and go outside the maniac and sometimes toxic sphere of depression I get caught on so many, many times.

When I was home I used to go to the beach to be scolded by the ocean. I say scolded because its enormity made me feel humble and put everything in perspective. And so I felt at ease. Because sometimes all you really need is to feel small. Feel like you’re just that tiny piece of dust in an endless Universe where our life and all the pressure, expectations and anxieties are meaningless.

What about you? Do you get the same ease when by the water?



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