A 2nd time in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

This time it was cold. The forecast was -15 Celsius degrees for one of the days. On the plane I could see the mountains covered in white, and when landing little pieces of cloud or falling on us. 

I had been in Sarajevo before and was not impressed. This was yet another work trip. And I really just wanted to get the job done. The town is taking a long time to recover from the war. Too much time. You can see the scars everywhere, badly healed, some probably still bleeding. And still, despite all of this, I found Bosnians to be extremely friendly and welcoming.

One tries to forget about the greyness of the city. I confess it is indeed hard, but if you dare to pretend, to dream, to illude yourself, it might actually help. A lot. I was lucky to have the locals with whom I usually work taking us for a trip to one of the mountains. We took a cable car and the view was just breathtaking. Eye opening, really. Nature has the gift of putting anything into perspective. 

And when we got that, I was lost in wonder in the winter wonderland extending in front of my eyes. It was dreamy, out of this world. 

 Now if it’s colour you’re looking for, try the Old Market, Baščaršija, a oriental bazaar which is a feast for the eyes. Hard to keep my wallet closed when faced with beautiful Turkish coffee sets, colourful tapestries, shining oriental chandeliers. 

One thing this work trip did for me was to increase my hunger to explore the Balkans. So, perhaps a trip for the next new year? 🙂 

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