A short photo gallery of Paris

The view from the Arc du Triomphe 

I’ve written about Paris. How I could never see the magic people see in this city so often. The ultimate romantic destination, home of the haute couture, the highest fashion labels I can only admire from a distance. The birthplace of artists and philosophers, the city of the lights, the enchanted background of so many films.the city of bohemians, of the bread, the cheese, the wine. All of this seduces me. And yet I hadn’t found it in Paris.

Cathedral de Notre Dame

This time it was a bit different. This time the sun shone and Paris came to me in a different light. I could see for the first time La Tour Eiffel in a clear sky. The view from Sacre Coeur was still blurred by polluted air, but I could still walk in Montmartre without an umbrella. Plus, and importantly, I delighted myself with macarons, croissants and nice baguettes. 

Under Miss Eiffel

Came back with some extra pounds from a short weekend in Paris, but satisfied I must say. Especially because we had a very special visit from Remy itself (the little aspiring chef mouse from Ratatouille) to our hostel room. Of course, this is not a situation where we’d want to be in. Thankfully it was only on our last night and the little mouse escaped our room so we could have a good nights’ sleep (of course we made sure all gaps beneath doors and holes were covered so he couldn’t come back in). 

What a better place to dream than in Paris?

In this post, I mostly want to share some pictures of the city in specific moments when I thought the light was just perfect. I could imagine romance in this city, finally. I could see something more than a grey place where the magic of the golden ages had been destroyed by the pollution and arrogance of human beings. 

La Tour Eiffel
Sacre Coeur

I hope you enjoyed this small photo gallery.

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Love, Nic

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