A weekend in Stockholm

IMG_9685The more I see of the world, the more I want to see. I guess this is a curse of suffering from acute wanderlust. I find myself often dreaming about the next trip when I just came out of one. Dreaming about weekend breaks, full on weeks exploring different places and even planning to quit my full-time job, get rid of rent payment in London and just become a nomad with no fixed destination. No ties to nowhere. 

But I do have a full-time job now, and let’s face it, I need it to fund this thirst that I have. I am sure a lot of you out there feel the same. I take advantages of weekends to explore new places, even knowing beforehand that’s not going to be enough.

That was the case with Stockholm, a Scandinavian capital I wanted to visit for a while. I have already posted about the magical Autumn scenery in there. But I haven’t really shared more with you – about what I did in two short days and well, obviously, some more photographs of mine. So, here it is, finally!


If I had gone alone on this short trip, I’d probably had skipped this. Not because it’s not worth it, but because when visiting a country, especially for such a short period as this, I value other attractions, such as historical sites or art galleries. My travel companions had their eyes set on this one, and because I do love animals as well, I was easily convinced with the existence of a zoological site displaying nordic species. I melted looking and reindeers, a grumpy moose, bears, otters and wolves.




A small built in town is part of Skansen as a way of displaying the old ways the Swedes lived. It’s adorable really. There’s little wooden houses, bakeries and shops you can explore freely.fullsizeoutput_128c


Head to Monteliusvagen for a magnificent view of the old town from above.





Get lost in the streets of old town and don’t forget a picture in the narrowest street of Stockholm. What I really enjoyed about the old town is the numerous coffee shops sponsoring their coffee and compelling you with deals including a cinnamon bun. I obviously could not resist to such and had to have one.


Apart from coffee shops, you’ll find a good number of different galleries here, displaying works from different areas from painting to handcrafting, sculpture and photography. Plus, gift shopping is made quite attractive. Plenty of shops sell handmade items replacing the usually tacky souvenirs you see everywhere you go in the planet.



YES. The underground. The subway. The tube. That’s exactly what I mean. Stockholms underground is probably the only one in the world so far I haven’t felt claustrophobic or dying of poisoning by polluted air. It’s incredibly clean AND features true works of art.

If you’re heading to Stockholm you cannot miss this. We bought a single trip ticket, which lasts for 1h30minutes and literally spent that time underground, finding the most interesting stations online and going from one to the other. I know it sounds crazy and perhaps it’s frown upon by the locals…but come on. Is not like anyone here knows you, right? Plus I was making sure we were not bothering the locals with our touristic adventure. Believe me, as someone who lives in London and works in Camden Town, I know in first hand the murdering feeling towards tourists!



FOOD: Stockholm can be an expensive city, but I found it to be the least expensive of the other Nordic capitals I have been to (Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki). A price of a burger with fries will be about €15 minimum. There are also loads of street food options where you can get a good meal for about €10.  From my research, there is plenty of choices as well – lots of vegan and vegetarian options as well as traditional Nordic restaurants where the meat will be the main ingredient.

CURRENCY & CASH:  only Swedish Krones are accepted but do not exchange too much money. The city is aiming to become cash-free so in quite a lot of places only card payment will be accepted.

ACCOMMODATION: We stayed at the Best Western Kom Hotel and I truly loved it. Amazing value/quality relation. I couldn’t believe that hotel was in the cheapest we found. Inside it’s so well decorated, with such class, you’d never say we only paid about €170/£150 for a triple room with private bathroom. The breakfast was delicious, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven 🙂 I’ll gladly stay there again when I decide to visit the city again.

TRANSPORT FROM THE AIRPORT: if you’re travelling on a budget and landing at Arlanda airport, take the bus and book the tickets online. It will take you about 40 minutes to the central railway station in the city and you’ll save a serious amount of money. You can book your tickets here.

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