The Baltics: Sigulda, Latvia

IMG_0669IMG_0673I am sure I’m not the only one out there who sometimes needs to run away. A lighter “drop out of society” situation (by the way, did you know there’s a whole guide about it on Wikihow?! It’s hilarious!) I know I could never drop out of society completely. I would die of boredom and my personality wouldn’t fit in, even though sometimes I am on a verge of a meltdown and I do think I’d be better off alone, in the middle of the woods, without any member of my own species around.




I follow the advice of Wikihow. I take some time off. Surrounded by nature. The good thing about London is precisely the abundance of huge parks in its outskirts, perfect for a day out. Or, when I travel, I like to include hikes in nature.


If you’re around Riga and have some time to spare, you can do so in Sigulda. This immense park is made of dense forest. It’s easy to get lost, but it’s of the most fantastic things. Because along the way you find more than trees. Castles, idyllic houses, caves, ruins, abandoned mansions.




Love, Nic

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