Tivoli Gardens, you’re allowed to dream


The atmosphere in Copenhagen was definitely juvenile. That was my second thought when I stepped into the country, without knowing why. Age is really just a state of mind. When you live in a place where everyone is happy, where rudeness and meanness seem to be alien, where the system is fair and nobody will deny the pursuit of your dreams, it’s easier to remain young, even while you get older.




But let’s get down to facts: Hans Christian Andersen was Danish and he’s the author of stories that make up most of the western world childhoods. The oldest amusement park in the world, Bakken, is in Denmark. Oh and wait a second: also is the second oldest amusement park in the world – the Tivoli Gardens.

The park opened its doors to the public in 1843 leaving its guests in awe. After all, the park was inspired by different corners of the world. Can you imagine what it must have been like? Imagine yourself as someone in the 19th century, where traveling was reserved for the wealthy and noble class when radio or television where so far and don’t even get me started with the Internet. Any picture you had in your mind about other cultures you could only find in illustrations.  Suddenly you have a little piece of everything in front you – it must have been almost shocking.


This is the place inspiring Walt Disney to build the Walt Disney Amusement Parks. This is a place where you can go and feel your childish place resurfacing without feeling ashamed. It’s a place for dreamers. A place for all the Peter Pans out there whose life obliged them to become adults and behave like one.



When we bought the tickets, the nice lady at the front desk told us it was a dog day. Everybody was allowed to bring their dogs and there was even a show going on. I couldn’t believe it. It was perfect. I had just told my friend how much I missed my dog, how much I missed having a pet. How much I secretly wanted to kidnap one of the cute dogs we kept seeing around.


When we got inside, I was in ecstasy. The scenery was dreamy, adorable dogs everywhere AND a ballet show was happening at that exact moment in a stage located at the entrance. Unfortunately, it was almost over when we arrived, but I was really living my dream. This was the Peacock Stage. The oldest infrastructure in the park, preserved by law since 1874.

Share joy with the people


It was in 1951 that Wlat Disney visited the Tivoli for the first time, leaving with the desire of creating the same atmosphere in its own amusement park. Four years later Disneyland opens in California.

If you can dream it, you can do it

We moved a bit further until we found the main stage. That was where the dog show was happening. Proud humans showing off their beautiful dogs, in all different sizes and shapes.


The park is like a little piece of Heaven. You can travel back in time to your childhood, but also back in decades, past your childhood, past when you were born. There’s a certain vintage glamour, taking you back to the times where the circus was in town to be the most anticipated event of the year. Don’t you adore feeling nostalgia of times when you weren’t even born?

I’ve got a passion for the unlived past. But also a lust for every corner of this planet. In the Tivoli you also travel in space. A little bit of the Chinese culture, a little more of Arabic World and suddenly you also see a Pirate Ship and we’ll, did I mention Peter Pan earlier?

The food hall is unmissable – I tried churros with chocolate and ice cream, something I had never seen before. It was yummy.



I did not go on any rides – not a big fan of things that look might kill me or make my heart jump from my mouth. So I was amused about feeding the fishes and relaxing in their lovely gardens.



If you’re planning a trip to Copenhagen, I highly recommend a visit to the Tivoli Gardens. It fits any age and any personality. Believe me, I can be quite a grumpy one. But I do like to emerge myself in the illusion that all is good in the world, the bad always get what they deserve and magic might be a reality.



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