Mértola and its cats

IMG_9799IMG_9808No, sorry to disappoint. This post is not about cats. Or even about Mértola… however, I can tell you a little about both.

Cats are fluffy little felines who secretly conspire to about world domination while they pretend to sleep.

Mértola is a small town in Portugal, located right in the border with Spain. It’s hot and nothing really happens there. It’s as peaceful as it can be, a place where time seems to have stopped and cats conspire all day long.


I was there probably for a couple hours this last time I went to Portugal. You know those paintings we see in gallery depicturing bucolic scenes – a field in fall, some children carelessly swimming in a river… men fishing in their little, fragile boats… woman harvesting. That’s the kind of peaceful Mértola evokes.





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