The White Cliffs of Dover, UK


The ocean is a very important element in my life. I grew up very close to it, many times not appreciating enough how lucky I was to be able to go so often to the seaside, regardless the weather, the time of the year, the mood.

My hair will always become savage when caressed with the humid, salty breeze the ocean exhales. But I don’t even care. There is nothing more calm or soothing to me than being in contact with the big elements of Nature.


Now that I live in the big city, I find myself craving for a sight of those blue waters. And anyone in London will understand sometimes you just need to go out of the city. Thankfully the UK is diverse, and the ocean touches this country on all sides. And some of these sides are not that far away from London.


In the last bank holiday of May, my friend and I went on a break to Dover, with a shortstop in the small adorable town of Canterbury. The main goal was to have a taste of the seacoast and being a witness to the whiteness of Dover cliffs.


We were very lucky with the weather. It was summer, it felt like summer. I just wished I hadn’t paid attention to the forecast, predicting thunderstorms for both days. Not even a drop of rain fell from the sky, the sun was always shining and the only electricity was in my hair.

As a result, the only problem we had hiking on Dover cliffs was the high temperatures. We did a smart choice and did the hike on the evening of our first day in Dover. It was hot but bearable – we would have dehydrated if we had waited until next day when the temperatures were even higher.

We were tired by the end of the day, craving for a good meal. But the view is absolutely stunning. Dover is definitely worth a visit, being much more than the connection point between England and Callais, France.



Apart from the white cliffs, you can also visit the castle – we didn’t enter, but it does look amazing just from afar, and it gives the medieval mystic that elevates any town by the sea. It also takes you back to the past, and who doesn’t like a bit of time traveling once in a while?



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