The charms of faded grandeur


I can’t even describe how much I was craving for a sunny Saturday or Sunday to finally be able to emerge a little bit in nature, getting my shoes dirty and take my camera close to my chest. After a couple of rough months – awful winter days, illness, kind of dealing with depression – the sun has finally come out.

Nature is still pretty much dead. But still was a pleasure to photograph the first strands of life.


Only when I started to photograph I realised how much I had missed it. The most fantastic thing about any form of art is how easily you can forget about yourself, about the world and get lost in the act of doing it.



At Golders Hill Park there’s a lot that attracts people to visit, from tennis courts to a free zoo. What attracts me the most is the wild forest and then that beautiful Pergola. It’s like the remainings of a Gatsby style-party: glamorous, exclusive and dreamy. One can only imagine how amazing it would have been on it was built and wonder, with a terrible fake nostalgia, why this is over. Nature took over the pergola. And the beauty of these things in London is that despite not being abandoned, it definitely preserves that aura of faded grandeur.


After many, many attempts, got to take a shot of the above robin – who doesn’t look particularly pleased with my intrusion.

I have a now a good feeling that spring might finally be announcing its arrival.

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