Ups… Happy New Year!

Iphone Photo: by the cliffs in Portugal in New Year’s day

I have realised that I went silent for a while. While the blogosphere was popping out with posts on “Best of 2017” and then afterwards with the resolutions for 2018, I was literally just lying on my parents’ couch, recovering from the biggest flu I have had in while, a possible almost nervous breakdown AND enjoying ALL THE FOOD I could get from my mum 😀 cheers to be home for the holidays!

But I am now back to reality. Been in London for a week already and the holidays seem so far away… I haven’t done any new year’s resolutions to be honest. I guess I just want to keep doing what I have been doing… living my life, traveling, enjoying the stuff I am really passionate about.

If there’s just one think I’d like to change about myself is to stop to be so anxious about everything, so insecure about my self-worth. I guess I got a bit lost in the last 3 months of  the last year. There was a lot going on on my mind… and most of it wasn’t good stuff. Escaping through travelling helped. A LOT. I guess that’s what sustained me.

2017 was the year I travelled the most in my entire life. Even when I was dreaming about it before, I never thought it would be possible for me to get to a point when I’d be in 11 (ELEVEN) different countries in a SINGLE year.

Plus, I have been living in London for TWO YEARS now. How more crazy can this get? I don’t know… but you know what? Despite the personal struggles I’ve had, I am excited to find out.

I might be a lone wolf, but for the first time I am fucking thrilled about it. And even though this is probably the most depressing month (and I am not sure how I am surviving London this winter), I want to be optimistic and keep going, always looking forward, never looking back.

I know this is a very late New Year’s post. But I like to do things when they feel right. And it felt right to do this now. Even if nobody reads it, I just needed to let it out to the web.

Whoever are the few readers out there that would actually read this, my sincere wishes of an amazing year. I hope you’re feeling optimistic about the future but mostly about yourselves, despite of all the shit that’s been going on.

I guess it’s never too late to wish you all an amazing 2018.




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