That sunset in Prague

Since a very young age I knew I wanted to travel a lot when an adult. I knew I wanted to go and see those places I was used to see mentioned in encyclopaedias, in the movies, in the documentaries. At a very young age, you think about those huge landmarks… the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Mona Lisa, the leaning Tower of Pisa… the Big Ben! they look so unreachable but yet you know they exist.  I’ve been able to see them all live, but what you take with you from a trip is not the achievement of having seen the Statue of Liberty, for instance. What you take with you home is always something else. Something unique, experienced in a very unique way by yourself.

What I took from Prague was that sunset. That fiery sunset, over Charles Bridge, that I will never forget. Beauty like this needs to be spread. And so I’m dedicating this post to it.

I just love this set of photographs. I can assure they have minimal edition. The colours are real. This is real, natural beauty in its best. I hope you like them and I am able to give share some of the most fantastic things that can happen when you travel, that go beyond ticking off from your bucket list famous landmarks 🙂





Come fly with me!



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