My blog just got a deep makeover. I needed some focus in my life, and my previous blog was a pure reflection of the messiness that my mind will ever be: wanting to think about everything and do it all at the same time, in the same place.

I decided to take control over my impulsiveness. No. I want to write, I want to photograph, I want to share. And even though it gives me much pleasure to write about everything I love, in life we need to make some concessions. So, I’ve decided to focus on sharing my thoughts with the world on place I was in, things I have seen, hoping that I can make the reader understand me, and view with my own eyes what I have seen.

At least, communicate some sort of feeling 🙂

Welcome to The Winged Bone. If suffer from an overdeveloped winged bone, sometimes thinking you’re a proud seagull and you can fly, follow me!

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