Dreamland, Margate: Childhood Fears vs Adult Throwbacks

Dreamland Margate

Life is a roller coaster, come on in, and join the ride!

We hear this so many times in life. Such a cheesy saying, don’t you agree? It’s like “follow your dream!”, ” don’t stop believing”, and etc., etc. They are cheesy incredible cliches, but who doesn’t like to hear them once in a while and doesn’t get that small sparkle of hope in the darkest times?

Dreamland Margate

Now as adults, we are more realistic and, sometimes, we let this realism kill than inner child that lives inside us. We all keep some fears or traumas from childhood, and we all keep some joy and desire to live the moment, with candid innocence, that only a child feels permanently.

Dreamland Margate

Going to Margate, I had two things in mind: let the child in me live for a whole day – let’s eat junk food without thinking about calories, let’s go on the horses and pretend I live in another land – and face some of my childhood fears: the roller coasters.

If you desire to do the same, Dreamland in Margate is the place to go! Just 1h30 min from London, you’ll get some refreshing sea breeze while having a relaxing time in a lovely park. Feast yourself in succulent bratwurst and sparkly naughty gloss.

Dreamland MargateDreamland Margate

Dreamland Margate

From the giant wheel you get a good view to the sea. Unfortunately the weather got really gloomy in the afternoon, and it actually started pouring. But, as children, we didn’t actually care.

Dreamland MargateDreamland Margate

There’s also an Arcade, where we took refugee from the heavy rain, with some quirky art installations, like the neon lights below.

Dreamland Margate

All over the part, cute neon lights that I’d have love to see at night.

Dreamland Margate

One of the coolest experiences was going to the Mirror Labyrinth, amazing optical illusions and obviously incredible instagramable.

Dreamland Margate

It was definitely a good day off London, and I’d recommend anyone to go there! Free entry, you only have to pay for the rides, and for that, you can buy a wristband which I advise you to! If you’re a chicken like me when it comes to roller coaster, do not fear, as they are quite accessible for anyone looking for just a little bit of adrenaline 🙂




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