S U N S E T s


This might be a very random topic to start with. The sunset, why would anybody speak of something than can only be seen in order to be felt? Something that we take for granted it’s going to happen every day, not exactly at the same time, but still, it will take place.

I am sure you have stared at a sunset, trying to pull the sun back up just a little bit, so you can freeze that moment for more than fifteen minutes. That incandescent fiery sky, who brings nostalgia, sadness to the human soul. It means an end. A day has come to an end, another day, in how many more? It’s sad.

But why? We are so weak and irrational sometimes. Sunsets might mean the end of a day, but what really matters is that another day will start. The sun will rise again in the morning, and new beginnings are due to come.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

It’s the same with life. Sometimes we might be grateful that day has ended. And yet we never know what comes next. The uncertainty is high. As far as we know we can have only a few more hours to live. Or, we can have 70 years more.

Life is entirely made of beginnings, of change, of risk and uncertainty. From changing school, to choose a university degree, from moving home to changing jobs… falling in love, discover new friendships… it’s all made of beginnings but also of endings.

That’s why the sunset is so beautiful.

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