Edinburgh’s Cemeteries Photo Edit


Gothicism is this style that have always had a special place in my heart. A natural attraction to gloomy settings and dark themes that has been in me since I can remember. Gothic literature, architecture and music are the not-so-guilty pleasures of my life. Obviously, this includes cemeteries.  Luckily the UK is very rich in this matter. So in my trip to Edinburgh, I ended up (sometimes incidentally) in a cemetery. And with a medieval background, I had loads of material for some good photographs.

Here’s my Edinburgh’s Cemetery Edit. Most photos were taken in Greyfriars Kirk, we also visited Old Calton Burial Ground, Canongate Kirk and finally New Calton’s Burial Ground.

I thought they were all so incredibly beautiful, keeping within themselves this uniqueness that only centuries of age could have given them. These burial grounds were not sad, but rather majestic and menacing, almost challenging us to just accept death as a tribute to life itself. And these cemeteries, with their abandonment, their ethereal atmosphere, their gothic style that has unfortunately fallen in disuse in our time, are much more than a place of mourning, but a place of reflection and contemplation.

GreyfriarsIMG_5286greyfriars cemiteryIMG_5268IMG_5271IMG_5528IMG_5516IMG_5518IMG_5523IMG_5283IMG_5260Greyfriars CemiteryIMG_5363IMG_5246IMG_5272IMG_5248IMG_5365IMG_5255

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