Yes, London has sunlight

Blossoming London Eye

The weather has been incredibly good in London. Even though it is known for gloomy skies and rainy days, this city can also shine in its best in lovely Spring days. I went for a walk yesterday and took some pics on small details of Spring in London.

We had a small picnic at Victoria Embankment gardens, and walked for a while along the Thames in the Southbank and ended the afternoon lying on the lawn in St. James’ Park. And, of course, I couldn’t resist the flake.

FlakePosing Pigeon

And yes, London can be flowery too. Not that I am in love with flowers, but I must confess that some color was needed after such a cold Winter. It is always good to be reminded that, despite what is told, London is not only rain.

Spring in London


4 thoughts on “Yes, London has sunlight

  1. I’ve been living in London for the last couple of months and the weather is actually really nice most of the time! Don’t know where the gossip came from 🙂


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