Embroidery is cool again


Embroidery is an old art, that has passed through generations and generations until today. It was forgotten in Fashion for a while, until last year it started shyly invaded runaways and collections.

For me, embroidery means tradition, evokes the sort of thing that grandmothers, mother and aunts used to do as a hobby, embroidering mostly bath towels, bed linen, table linen to use themselves or even to offer a birthday or wedding gift. The colourful and folklore type type also reminds me of home – the small village, the skirts of the old ladies, their scarves, the shawls. This is probably why at first I was very reticent with it. And I still am with some pieces that bring me back to my village in ways I do not really like.


However, shops are now full of pieces decorated with embroidered details – from jeans, denim jackets, to shirts and leather jackets. Even shoes, all kinds: boots, loafers, trainers. Embroidery is incredible versatile and what I mostly enjoy about it is the contrast it gets within some pieces, mainly when in denim or leather.



I am enjoying the mix between the modern and the traditional. I personally like when the bright red is embroidered against a black background. I got a shirt from Zara exactly like that, which I like to wear with black or denim jeans, with no more color in me entire outfit. I feel like any piece with embroidery details ends up being an statement item, unless it is a very small detail.

All the pieces I chose for my collages are from Zara and Topshop which, in my opinion have the best embroidery pieces of the season.


The big problem with this is how more expensive this pieces are. Something that we can do is to recycle some old clothes that you have, applying embroidery details, like patches. See these from Stradivarius:

And what do you think about this? Do you already own a few pieces or it is a definite nay for you?







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