Les Misérables, the fight for a better tomorrow

This is a love letter to all that sacrificed something as precious as their lives in the name of ideals, principles and values.

Not in the name of power, money. I am talking about the ones that truly and selflessly fought and fight for a better tomorrow.

There’s nothing more honorable than dying for what you truly believed in, remaining truth to yourself. Perhaps dying in the name of love, dying instead of someone you loved. But even that has a selfish reason – saving someone’s you cared about life, is somehow selfish when in comparison of sacrificing your own to bring a better future to thousands of unknown.

I’ve always believed in this, admired the rebels brave enough to take their chance and change the world. To defy the authority, to fight against the system. Even with less power, they went for it.

This is probably why I’ve always loved Les Misérables. And because the music, the singing puts even more emotion into it, I just get completely carried away. I know the songs by heart, and I cry every time I watched the movie or the musical performances on Youtube. Enjolras being my favourite character, his death just dilacerated my heart. The head of the revolution, he only sees a better tomorrow, he only dreams on fighting for it. The injustice that throws Fontine to the streets, living her in despair to save her daughter’s life in a way she needs to sell not only her hair or her teeth but also her pride, her honor, her body. Everything taken aways from her because she was a single mother, abandoned by a man, judged by other women. Poor, poor Eponine, with her perpetuous unrequited love, suffering watching her beloved falling in love with someone else, and still helping him getting to  Cosette. Valjean, this man imprisoned for 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread, can’t get away from the past, from a judgemental and prejudiced society, and obliged to break is parole and become someone else. And finally, but not least, Javert, the one that could be considered as the “bad guy”, but he’s only a man that has been brought up in a  difficult environment, and all his life has been acting according to the rules, according to what he sees being his duty, and, at the very end, he is unable to deal with the conflict between what is right and what is wrong, ending is life with suicide.

This is pure reality translated into a musical, performed at a stage. It was the most marvellous experience I had in my life, completely emerged, I was so overwhelmed by the feelings and emotions that surpassed my entire body, and kept me most of the night awake. Every cell in my body vibrated with emotion, but mostly I felt inspired.

I felt this is why I live. To be able to witness the power of Art, to live it and breath it. That is what brings me hope, even the darkest times, at least I’ll always have this.

3 thoughts on “Les Misérables, the fight for a better tomorrow

  1. I love Les Mis as well. It has a brilliant plot, songs, and characters. I love how at the very core of Les Mis is humanity. It is truly a passionate, revolutionary, emotionally engaging, epic, powerful musical. It represents humanity in a very beautiful way and it connects me in a way much deeper than any other musical

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      1. I fell in love with this musical through the movie and the first time I saw the movie, I was a bit confused and shocked. I had no idea it was a tragedy, but glad I didn’t know or I wouldn’t have gone. I left that movie theatre not knowing if I liked it or not, but still went straight to researching them.

        The second time, I was able to calm down and was finally able to notice something special about Les Mis. I soon learned it was a story of love, compassion, hope, forgiveness, sacrifice, humanity, and redemption. I am obsessed with this musical. I saw the stage show four times (3x at community college and 1 time in the West End)


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