Fashion is also cultural

Egypt, 100% Cotton Fabric

Allowing myself to enjoy the thrills that come with Fashion Weeks is something that goes beyond a simple guilty pleasure. Fashion has been much more than that for me. A form of Art, of liberation, and most of all a form of expression that exists in every single one of us. It doesn’t matter what you might say, but the way you dress says a lot about yourself. Is a bit like the sort of music you listen to.

Because I am not a celebrity, a journalist or a famous fashion blogger/influencer, I can’t be on the front row  in Fashion Shows, and certainly I can’t afford to pay the tickets for the infamous London Fashion Weekend. However, I still could afford going to the International Fashion Showcase 2017 (FREE entry), at Somerset House, promoted by Mercedes Benz.


Showcasing the creations of different designers from different parts of the world, this FREE exhibition cares about talking to an audience about the cultural aspect on fashion, about diversity and intersectionality. It is inclusive and absolutely stunning. I did feel privileged to observe the creations, to embrace once again Fashion as a medium that speaks for itself.


Very interesting to see how local culture speaks to us in the global work where we live in today. Even more interesting to assist to the way tradional and sometimes secular symbols and garments, that are part of a culture local identity, can be utilised in modern and fashionable ways, without cultural disrespect. And better, we can all speak together in this common language that is Fashion.


If you do enjoy Fashion, and you’re around London, this exhibition will be at Somerset House until the 21st Feburary. Egypt, Russia, Chile and Romania were definetly my favourites. This accessories from Egypt had me completly stunned:



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