Living in a fantasy world at the House of Minalima

One grows old, one matures into an adult, leaving behing the years of childhood and allowance to believe in the unreal. However, some of us adults refuse to let all those dreams and fantasies go away. Perhaps because of the meaning they had at some point in our life, we keep and we treasure it forever. Or may be, precisely because we are now all adults living and adult life, where a job, rent, making a way of living is the burden that we carry, fantasy is needed more than ever to not fall into insanity.

As an adult I assume an addiction for fantasy. I still love Disney, I do love anything related with such worlds such as Hogwarts or Westeros. I have many reasons to defend why we need these things in our life apart from the ones I mentioned above, but that’s going to be for another conversation. the focus of this post is the House of Minalima, this amazing little place in Soho, London, where you can emerge in the worlds created by J.K. Rowling and enjoy an amazing exhibition of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast Art.

If you’re a fan and in London, don’t miss out the opportunity of visiting this place. It’s free entry! You only need to pay for the art, if you have the wallet for it. Obviously best time to go is on week days. There are three floors of magic, but because the space is really small, the amount of people allowed per entry is limited. I had a stamp put in my hand with time of entry, went with my friend to grab some coffee to pass time.

There is someone on every floor to help you out with any questions, and this particular woman was very passionate about the world of Harry Potter and shown us a few secrets hidden behind some prints… it was definitely worth it! I believe the exhibition will be there meanwhile the play the Cursed Child is on. It was suppose to close on 4th Feb, but they just postponed the closing day. Consider yourself lucky, and come to visit it.

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