Finding Beauty in Odd Places

Version 3

Some of my friends found it odd when I told them I was going to visit the cemetery in the weekend. I had to show them some pictures for them to understand why going to the Highgate Cemetery was something that I wanted to do. Then, they sort of understood.

A sort of victorian cemetery, invaded by the ruthless nature, with magnificient graves, mausoleums, and the most beautiful angel sculptures. I think what makes it magical is precisely its appearance of abandonment and carelessness. The landscaping itself could be perfect scenario for a horror movie… but a very good one.

And then, thinking about the history of those we were buried in there. Highgate cemetery counts as its most famous inhabitant Karl Marx, but I was particularly interested in the fact that Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddal, is wife and model to one of my favourites painting – Ophelia, by John Millais – are as well its inhabitants – on the west side.

Hope you enjoy my photos… so Dorian Gray like, don’t you think? 🙂

img_4836Version 3Version 3img_4875img_4834img_4854Version 3Version 3img_4878img_4828img_4836

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