Belgium, 2nd Stop: Ghent, the Hidden Pearl


After the Enchanted Bruges, I took a train directly to Ghent. I had planned to spend a morning in there. I knew it was a very small town – which I can confirm, it definitely is! – and I had booked a room in a hostel in Antwerp for my second night in Belgium.


Not as famous (or touristic) as Bruges, Ghent is as well absolutely beautiful. Perhaps my photographs don’t look as beautiful, but that’s because I didn’t have as much luck with the weather as I had in Bruges. The sun didn’t even bother to come out, the sky was clouded, and the atmosphere mostly greyish and gloomy. Other thing that kinda broke the magic was that most streets were under construction works. I’ve tried to take my photos without any ugly metal structure, workers, and protection helmets creeping out but, believe me, it was really hard.


However, if you have time, Ghent is definitely a place where you need to go. Another little Venice, with beautiful buildings and sights. There is not much I can tell you, because it is indeed difficult to describe the feeling of being in a idyllic world. It sort of made my imagination run wild. I do read a lot, since I am little, mostly fiction, and visiting this cities reminded me of certain books, certain scenarios that I had once imagined iand never actually thought I would be able to see them materialize into real shapes.


Everything just seemed so adorable, so tranquil. Perhaps because I am so used to the consuming and fast-paced London life. The fact that I could walk everywhere, without having to push people away, the fact that I could just stop to admire the view and just breath, that made both Bruges and Ghent little paradises for my tired soul. I did walk a lot. However, I never actually felt exhausted. I was so amazed with the beauty of the surroundings that I would eventually even forget to eat.

But well. Chocolate shops are everywhere, as well as waffles and sweet stalls. Let’s just say I had loads of sugar in this little trip!

Have a look at my photos, they can speak better than my words, and let me know your thoughts.





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