One Year In London


I am celebrating this week one year in London. When I first came to London merely as a tourist I remember thinking and even commenting with my parents and friends “when I live there, bla bla bla”, as some sort of impossible reality that could only exist in my head. I wanted to, but deep down I knew how difficult this could turn out to be real.

I moved to London a year ago, without knowing what to expect from a new job, a new life, a new city. Fear was raging in my veins, and yet I gave the big step and jumped into this huge and overwhelming city. And I do admit, I never thought this could be possible. Until quite recently, while passing by the Big Ben just as part of a daily routine, I couldn’t believe that was actually happening.

I developed an intense and conflicting relationship with London. Sort of a love hate relationship that I still intend to keep long term. There are times when I just hate the crowds in the streets, the tourists stopping without warning in the middle of the street, when all you want to do is get your lunch and get back to the office. Public transports are a bloody nightmare; buses decide to change their routes without explanation, tube and trains have constant signal problems that nobody understands or even tries to. Sometimes is noisy, sometimes is gloomy. Sometimes is just so tiring, because it drains out of you all the energy.

However, most time, I am irrevocably in love and completely passionate for this city. The views are breathtaking, the architecture is utterly beautiful, the diversity strikes as the most enriching thing you can find in your life. There is always something new to discover, something interesting happening. Knowledge, culture, Arts belong to the people and that is the fucking dream. It makes me high just to think about it.

London is such a demanding lover, though. It gives you a lot, but yet it also demands a lot from yourself – your energy, your patience, your tolerance. Sometimes even your soul.

And so here I am still, loving and hating one of the best and worst places to be in.


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