Wanderlust & Conquest


People have been talking about wanderlust. It is like a trend, people have been tattooing it and everything. It seems also there is a boom in wanderlusters. This people that entitle themselves as “backpackers”, “adventurers”, “globetrotters”. All these titles as an hashtag, of course. So the world can see and feel the lust for wander inside.

This is all very romantic, and very impressive. It makes me incredible jealous as well. Because I do suffer from the wanderlust. Since I remember I suffer from that. For me is not exactly a positive feeling, because it wakes in me a desire that I can barely satisfy.

Funny how these self-entitled backpackers can afford so easily to travel the world, without keeping a job. Some never had a job even. They finished University and the desire to see the world was stronger. I get that. Oh, I really do get that. I had the exact same feeling, the exact same strong desire. More than a feeling, it was like a necessity. Like hunger, thirst. Pure human necessity.

The difference is that I didn’t (don’t) have the means to do it. These amazing wanderlusters were lucky enough to have someone to support them in their expenses. Or even family that started travelling with them. Or just have the amount of money that actually makes it possible to be without a job for a few months or even an entire year. Yeah, because it doesn’t look like they are living on the street or even starving to be able to afford all this travelling. Quite the opposite actually.

I am not judging anyone with these remarks. I wish I could be like that. It would be so easy, just go wherever I want to go, without having to count every single penny/euro. Sometimes I really wish my parents had been the traveller kind, but they weren’t. Mostly because my dad had to make a choice between raising us and investing in a good house, and education, rather than spend his little savings in travelling. It is a life choice, I believe.

But, in another perspective, I kind like to think of myself as a Conqueror. Every single little bit of the world map that I get to see tastes like a conquest. Like Kings & Queens in the old times, every single new place that I get to visit is a result of a battle. I work hard to be able to see the world; even if I can’t take an entire year to do it, it makes it a bit more special when I get those days off to just get away and breathe different air, enjoy different sights, explore a different culture. Just take something out of my bucket list.

That just tastes deliciously amazing. Like eating a nasty dirty burger. Or to rejoice in a chocolate feast.

Oh yeah, it does feel good.




3 thoughts on “Wanderlust & Conquest

  1. I was fortunate enough to have parents that took my brother and me on road trips as children, and my dad and I still take a hiking trip in the US together almost every year. They’re very emotionally supportive and I was fortunate enough to have the majority of my school paid for leaving me with a MUCH smaller amount of student debt than the majority of Americans. However, I lived on my own and paid for all of my living expenses throughout college. I also graduated and had the same hunger you described above – I’ve had it my whole life. I worked like a mad woman for a few months working 50 hours a week minimum. I was able to take multiple month-long trips in the U.S. and Europe and then went to Asia for 3.5 months. Now, it wasn’t the most glamorous travel. I did it on a budget. My entire 101 days in SEAsia cost only $5,050.

    I think just because an IG account may look glamorous (and there are trust fund kids who get to do the most glamorous of travels) doesn’t mean that that person has had it easy their whole life, or during their travels for that matte. I can say that even 50 states + 20 countries in, it’s that same sense of awe you described and I conquered the battle of making choices to have a much more boring “everyday life” at home – not getting the newest technology, fashion, eating at amazing restaurants often, etc – to get to spend the pennies I’ve very carefully tracked in preparation. Just don’t make the assumption that every backpacker is doing it on someone else’s dime or without work or effort.

    I’m glad that you’re making the time to travel the way you can, and it sounds like you make the absolute most of those experiences! I hope that you’re able to check off all of the places across the globe that you want to! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Xx


    1. Hi Paige, thanks a lot for your comment.

      With my post I never meant to make an assumption that everybody else had it easy their whole life. We all are different people living under different circumstances, within different contexts. I meant only to make a social observation, that obviously does not apply to everybody, and to highlight this wanderlust phenomena that everybody is talking about. I’ve met many people that like you have travelled a lot with their parents, or even some people that were lucky enough to have someone to pay for their expenses. I do not think that those enjoy their travellings less than me, and I actually appreciate the fact that they have chosen to use their resources to travel, rather than spending it all in frivolous things.

      My upbringing wasn’t hard either, quite the opposite. Raised in Portugal, at least my parents would also take me and my sister for summer vacations in different parts of the country. The only difference was that at the time, they made me believe that going abroad – as I so desperately wanted to go – was a privilege that only belonged to rich people, which I discover in my teenage years that wasn’t true. It is a question of choices in life, and that’s basically it.

      You probably noticed a note of criticism to my writing, but that’s due to the way I look at the world, there’s always a bit of irony. I actually like to follow instagram accounts with beautiful photos that inspire me to continue my “battle” to travel. Anyway, I just think the “backpacker” concept has been misused and displaced. Perhaps is a sign of the evolution of times?

      The only thing I wanted to write about was my conquest feeling, and I am really glad that people can relate to that, the way you just did 🙂

      Thanks again xx

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      1. I totally understand that feeling and I hope my comment didn’t seem critical either. I totally understand why you’re saying about the misuse of the term. Thanks for the response! Xx

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