Lovely, Wonderful Bath

Venitian Bridge

Bath was one of those places that I really wanted to visit for while, more specifically since I’ve started to read Jane Austen and falling with love with her amusing portraits of society at the time. Some of her books have scenes placed in there, and Austen lived for some time in this town and, according to what is said, it was her favourite place to live in. I understand why.

I knew Bath had to be beautiful. My expectations were so high that I was honestly afraid of disappointment. But oh boy, IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I mean… it is breath taking, unexplainable. And the weather was crap, so, believe me, it is a wonderful town.

Bath, the Georgian town, is one of the most picturesque places where I have ever been. Not that I’ve travelled a lot (I am definitely working on that), but as far as I can think only Toledo, in Spain, had the same power of taking me to a dreamland. Everything just felt so unrealistic, like if I was reading a storybook.

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Bath is lovely, adorable, and most important of all, it had a little shop named “25th of December” that sells Christmas decorations all year long! Isn’t that great?


I fell immediately in love for this town… the tiny streets with little bakeries, ice cream shops, coffee and tea rooms, candy shops, so typical in the UK. The architecture is magnificient, the famous Royal Crescent leaves your mouth “o” shaped. Oh and I need to refer how fancy and posh Bath actually is. It has been for centuries a place where the wealthy go and live.


The Roman Baths are the most known place to visit in Bath, and you can’t skip it. Centuries of History in there, vestiges of the great Roman Empire, a great opportunity to learn more about their customs and lifestyle, their beliefs and daily life, and you can actually drink a cup of Bath mineral water, which is so rich in iron that just tastes like blood. But it is good for you 🙂


I am sure I want go back. I only spent a few hours there, since we were in a tour that had as a destiny Stonehenge in the afternoon. I actually feel I might go back soon, close to Christmas time (I am pretty sure it would be like a fairytale). So if you are thinking about a trip to Bath, my advice is do not hesitate and go. It is definitely a British treasure.

When I get tired of busy London, I might consider moving there 🙂

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