Stonehenge & Why Go See Rocks


Some people label Stonehenge as a disappointment. “It’s just a bunch of stones. Large, but still, just rocks together in one place”. I wasn’t intimidated. What are these people expecting besides that? After all, that’s what it is. You go there and you look at rocks, particularly big ones, organised in some sort of circle, in the middle of green fields where there’s nothing besides some happy sheeps.

However, sometimes in life you need to stop looking, and use your eyeballs to see and your brains to think. When I looked at Stonehenge in that beautiful green landscaping, even below a dark, gloomy sky, I saw mystery, intrigue, doubt. All the unanswered questions popping up in my mind, the same questions that we have been asking for ages and that make this monument so famous.


How were these big stones carried from so far away by primitive men, with no machinery whatsoever? Why were they placed in that particular place, wouldn’t it be easier to build whatever this is nearer to where the stones came from? Why were they put together in this particular position, with this organisation? What was it for? What is its meaning?

Stonehenge is a symbol of human strong will and persistence. The sort of things that have been in our DNA since the very beginning. It is a representation of what distinguishes us from the other animals, of what made us evolve to the form we are now.

I don’t really care what Stonehenge really was, as I’d rather have my guesses and enjoy the mystery. In a world where we are daily bombed with “facts” and “scientific proof” how wonderful it is to actually being able to not know something, to be unsure. To have an empty space for our imagination to fill in. Whether Stonehenge was some sort of temple for the adoration of Gods, a place of sacrifice, a burial site, an astronomical observation centre neolithic style, or even if it was built by aliens… I don’t care, and honestly I don’t think I want to know. What makes it is so interesting is precisely that awakes our very human inquisitive nature.

Let Stonehenge be whatever it is. Sometimes ignorance is a rare gift.

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