Badges, Patches & Pins For Edgy

Temperatures are coming up this week in London, and there’s hardly anything better than getting some fashion inspiration. While everyone is talking about chokers – the big return of the 90’s – I am kinda obsessed with making clothes a bit more fun. Generally I am quite monochromatic in the way I dress. I barely own pieces with very strong and bright colors. I’d rather wear black, grey, white, pastel tones.

However, I do love adding some colour in the details. So badges, patches and pins will definitely be an investment for the new season. Shops are selling denim, shirts and leather pieces already with them, which makes it a bit overpriced. BUT, isn’t even more interesting if you pick a denim or leather piece from your closet, and actually make it fun again with your own ideas? Personalisation is the key.

Check out this quick montage I made with some I found in Stradivarius, Pull & Bear and Topshop. Small shops in the main street are actually quite recommended for edgy pins! Don’t be afraid. Make it edgy, original and mostly, make it you!




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