A 6 Month Milestone


They say that dragonflies live for only one day. Imagine what it would be to live for one day. Every hour would be like a birthday. Every meal would be well appreciated. Every single laugh would be a real one. Every single person you’d meet in the way would probably become a dear friend. You wouldn’t waste your time being depressed or unhappy. You would treasure every moment, as a big milestone in your day (life).

I am celebrating a great milestone in my life. I am back to the blog to save it in my closet, to treasure it. I have been for 6 months working and living in London. You may think this is insignificant. But I want to treasure any simples achievement as a dragonfly would do. And you know what’s more important about this milestone?  I am still quite in love with London. The danger of this passion being nothing more than infatuation is disappearing. Maybe this is actually true love. A quite consuming one, I must say, but still… I am not tired yet 🙂

Version 2IMG_2619 (2)Version 2IMG_2616IMG_2604

With love,


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