A Moment


London can be quite overwhelming. I’ve been living here for almost 4 months now and, boy, it has been intense. I find myself already complaining about public transports, about the weather, about people who don’t walk fast enough in the streets and get in my way, about the lady that is making the bus run late because she didn’t have the oyster card ready… and yet I am completely in love with the city.

London has the charm that seduces you. It makes you mad, somehow it consumes you. It is singular in its style and yet so diverse in its nature. London is the kind of city where you may feel like crap in one minute, and in the other completely bewildered with happiness and joy.

This weekend I captured a moment that reflects the uniqueness of London. Such a candid and innocent thing as bubbles are, a remembrance from childhood, having St. Pauls Cathedral as a background. Sometimes we just have to stop and stare.

With love,


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