My Own 2015 Highlights


Can you believe that we are almost in the end of 2015? Time really goes by pretty fast these days, don’t you agree with me? The time to look back has arrived, with its nostalgia and adverse feelings. However, this year I am trying to focus in positive things.

I had a bad 2015 beginning: I had to keep on working in a job that I despised to be able to pay for my Master’s tuition fees; I had to endure the suffer and frustration that came with it. My personal relationships didn’t work very well either. However, I must say that after the difficulties, I am ending up 2015 better that I thought I would actually do.

So, my highlights this year:

  • Finished my Master: hard-work always compensates in the end, isn’t what they say? It was hard to work full time during the day and to study at night. I did it for almost 2 years. However, I faced it as a challenge and now I can say I am very proud with this achievement.
  • Paris & Disney Dream: my childhood dream of going to Paris and most of all to the Disneyland came true. I made it to the world of all dreams!



  • I got to know a bit of Germany: big advantage of having friends aboard is definitely to get to meet them in some new places!



  • Quit the job I hated: sometimes in life we do have to take her decisions. Mine was between staying in a job just for the money or losing my mental health. I decided to take control over my life and I chose to go after my dreams. And till now, no regrets!
  • Moved to London! I got a job in London. I love the job, the people and the city. Love!


  • Started Golightly’s Closet: my dearest space to share with you what inspires me everyday!

And all of these achievements came from my inner philosophy of always pursuing your dreams, never losing focus and always working hard.

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

With love,



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