What Gets In My Nerves When It Comes To Christmas

It does look a lot like Christmas right now, when we are only 3 days away from the so expected celebration. Everybody is excited. I am excited. But let’s be honest: isn’t there any part of you that is somehow really pissed about some things?


I am a Christmas lover. I do love this season and everything that comes with it: the food, the drinks, the presents, the shopping, the cosy environment that comes with friends and family. The Christmas jumpers, the Christmas cards… the lights in the streets, the decorations, the joy that comes with the Christmas Tree.  Even the songs!

This is going to be my first Christmas away from home, from my family and from my friends. Basically away from anything I know. I am not depressed about it; of course I’d prefer to be home for Christmas. Nevertheless I am going to be living a different experience, which is going to be super fun and enriching. I am all in when it comes to new experiences, because they bring you knowledge and insight.

Nonetheless, despite my confessed and deep love for Christmas, there are a few things that can really get in my nerves about this season, and somehow that makes me feel annoyed.

So, in the 22nd of December, I am completely fed up of:

1.Christmas Shopping Madness: COME ON PEOPLE! I know this is London, I know how busy streets and shops are ALL YEAR. It is madness, crazy. There is an inner wilderness in how people go shopping. I realize how similar to wild animals we really can be when it comes to shopping, and specially Christmas shopping: somehow we go back to our animal most primitive instincts for survival, but instead of hunting for food, we hunt for presents, wrapping paper, luxury goods, decorations, and ok, at last food (but let’s be honest, we are not going to die if we don’t eat all that sugar and grease). People are all around pushing, rushing; and shelves are pretty much empty and completely disorganized in shops, as if the World War has just happened. It is the jungle, people. And do you have any idea of which is the most dangerous species in this Christmas shopping? The Last Minute Buyer. This is the desperate man/woman, desperately looking everywhere with blood injected eyes, deep dark circles around them, pale skin, mad smile. This being is going to push everyone, everything, like if it was blind. If you want to avoid some bruises on your skin, try to avoid: a) being the Last Minute Buyer and b) being around when all the last minute buyers are.


2. Christmas Chocolate Euphoria: I swear that in these last few weeks I have eaten a life supply of chocolate. It’s the advent calendars, then the Ferreros, the chocolate coins, the chocolate biscuits, the hot chocolate, the nut (or caramel, or both) flavoured hot chocolates, the chocolate cakes, the Nutella (ok, this last one is nearby all year). CHOCOLATE IS EVERYWHERE, LITERALLY. And even if I want to forbid myself of eating more chocolate, I find that impossible because everyone is offering it to me. I am not complaining, of course. But it is enough! I am going in strict sugar free diet next month. Basically, because I am weak, and I will always react like this:


3. Christmas and the “I am such good person I am” and “let’s all support the ones in need” syndrome: I am completely in favour of solidarity and actions to help children, women, families in need, animals in extinction and, etc. But don’t you feel that it looks that is only in Christmas that people suddenly remember the ones in need? Guys, poor people, poor countries, people with disabilities… they have these problems all year, not only in Christmas! It just makes everything feel hypocrite and selfish.

4. Christmas “OMG what am I going to give her/him” stressful situation:I do believe that what is really important is the intention behind the present. I am a bit peaky when it comes to the presents I receive from my parents ( if they are going to spend money, at least let them spend in something that I really need or like). But when I receive presents from other people, I appreciate any effort that they made in trying to understand what I would like to receive, in thinking about what I like. I also like to think about what I am going to offer… with time, and specially a good dose of good sense. It is not about the value, or the amount of presents that you receive. So, STOP BEING CRAZY ABOUT IT!


5. Christmas SALES, SALES EVERYWHERE Phenomena:have you notice how many discounted prices there are in the supermarket in the last days? What about the clothing shops? They are all so kind, giving discounts in this time of the year…they even send us newsletters, remind us of the pending promotional codes… NO! It’s only to make us buy more, without really needing it… so be careful. My eyes are really tired of seeing to big cartels announcing big sales and big discounts… in supermarkets this applies to non-healthy food that you do not really need to buy.. and in clothing shops, usually to clothes from last collections and summer clothes (that you won’t be needing at least in the next six months!).

I swear, I am not this Christmas Grinch. But, sometimes, we also have to talk about what is really boring us even when that is related with happy times. Mostly because these situations might be enough to spoil your Christmas (especially if you overspend).

Do you agree with me? 🙂

 Live the Christmas Magic, not the Christmas Stressful Madness!!

P.S. Avoid the Last Minute Buyers. Seriously.

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